Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mornings in Jenin; A Book Review

It has been a week now and still when I turn on a news channel there are still terrorising clips with the current Gaza conflict. The worse I have seen was a photo of Palestinian men on motorbikes dragging an assumed dead body of a fellow Palestinian suspected of being a spy for the Israelites. Morbid. Deadly. Barbaric. Sad. Heart wrenching. These are only a few words that can describe the book “Mornings in Jenin” by Susan Abulhawa.

How does one survive a land filled with death and fear all around you? How can one wake up every day and face the reality of the possibility of losing your family and of losing your own life? One must have courage and a lot of hope.

Once upon a time the Abulheja family woke to summers filled with eagerness of the olive harvest. There was celebration filled with laughter and joy and in an instant the Israelites decided to change all of that. A people (Israelites) who were hardened by the holocaust they ended up claiming Palestine as their home and country. Claiming it in an atrocious way. Mothers and Fathers wailed as their sons and daughters get massacred before their very eyes. Sons turned terrorists. Daughters raped. How can a family like the Abulheja survive? They did for they must.

Amal, one Palestinian daughter reshaped her future but not forgetting her past. She will define the face of the Palestinian woman scared but beautiful. This is her story and the story of her beloved family.

This book will give readers a window to how a simple Palestinian family struggled with life in the face of terror and how it changed all their lives for the better and for the worse. Reading this novel gave me a better understanding to the unending brutal battle between the Israelites and the Palestinians.

I give this novel a four out of five stars.

N.B. The view of the blogger regarding this delicate matter is subjective.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bliss is Here

Hello Bookies,
I know it has been quite a while since I have posted a new book review. I must admit that though I have not stopped reading I seem to have lost time in putting a review for you. Rest assured that I will be posting it real soon.
I simply believe that writing even if it is only a review comes to me like an inspiration. I just do not want to write a book review for the sake of writing one. I want to write a book review to inspire people to read as reading and writing has inspired me tremendously. I find my bliss in the sanctuary I call HOME and the sanctuary I find in the pages of a good book.
I hope all of you who find time to read my reviews will also find simple inspirations in whatever book that you are reading.
M. xxx

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Chase- A Book Review

WOW! What a thrilling “CHASE”! This book review for Clive Cussler’s novel “The Chase” is abosulutely superb readers will hold onto each page, flipping it terribly as a detective is out on a “fox hunt” for a vicious bank robber and murderer out on a spree robbing one bank at a time and leaving dead bodies for the sake of the thrill and pyshcological high.

1906, Western America: Detective Isaac Bell is up for a challenge, considered to The best of his time he is now given the task by the government to apprehend the vicious “Butcher Bandit”. If Detective Bell is the best of his field the criminal is no ordinary criminal as he has the mind, power and connection to wring detective Bell’s neck more than he expected. The “Butcher Bandit” is more slippery than a catfish and more cunning and dangerous than a tiger. Isaac Bell sets himself off to hunt the criminal but as the story unfolds he is slowly trapped in a web where he gets hunted himself! Will he catch his prey or will the prey devour him?

This would be my first Cussler novel and I must say it wont be my last! A complete adventure set in the “wild west” this novel would have to be one of my best read under “suspense and thrilling”. It is gripping and full of twists that I was driven away with “The Chase”.

I give this novel a five out of five stars.

Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life of Pi

"Life of Pi" novel by Yann Martel is not one of favourite read. I expected too much from it I must admit and it dissapointed me BUT...............the film version looks very promising especially that it is directed by Ang Lee! I must say I am a bias with anything Indian and so the (Indian) colours of the trailer are simply enchanting. I hope I wont get dissapointed.  

M :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

10 Must Read Novels

Not a lot of us are given the chance to pick up a book and entirely savour it from start to finish. I have come across those books I must admit, so given the chance to read I am going to write about my Top 10 novels that I highly recommend. I want to put a variation into these choices as much as I can.

Fall of Giants by Ken Follet: Current and out and about. This is one reason why I am putting this novel on top of my list (aside from it is written by Ken Follet). You can pick this up in any bookstore online or not but more than that this novel has SUBSTANCE! Early 20th century when everything in the world is rapidly changing, World War I erupts and sends myriad characters into complete chaos needed for all of them to change. A conservative English Earl and his headstrong sister, two rugged Russian brothers, a liberal German officer longing for love and an American intellect aiming for influential political seat. How do their lives intertwined with each other? How do their lives change? Another MUST READ!

Beneath A Marble Sky by John Shors: My personal favourite. I have always been fascinated with the Taj Mahal and this novel brought so much life and colour to the grandeur and subtle opulence that is the Taj Mahal. We know the historical facts behind its walls but the fictional story behind it as John Shors wrote will bring any reader turning pages. This novel does not only revolve around the building of Taj Mahal but it also revolves around the strength of a Muslim Princess named Jahanara and how she remained strong for her father and mother, brothers, friends, for her country and for the man she loves who carved Taj Mahal into a "A Tear drop On The Cheek Of Time", Isa.

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez: My pick for a romance novel. Love is Patient as we all know but how patient can it be? Florentino lost himself after his undying love for Fermina has been rejected, still he continues to wait patiently for her love with time. Will Florentino wait earnestly to be loved back by Fermina? Will Fermina see how Florentino passionately love her? Or will all turn to dust with time?
Monsoon by Wilbur Smith: ARRGGHHHH!! Who doesnt enjoy a Pirate novel?! “Monsoon” is about the lives of four English brothers who have been separated by the sea. These four brothers who love and hate each other brought themselves to part ways embarking on a life journey filled with superb adventures thrusting themselves into gruelling peril and the reward of conquest.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: Chic lit pick. This doesnt need a lot of introduction, right? Easy, fun, witty, and surprisingly a poignant read. It is a beach read that any chic would want to bring with her on a holiday either out on the beach or on one’s couch this is one refreshing “light” read.
Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis: My book series pick. A mash up of ADVENTURES! Would be the best description I can give the chronicles. A witch, a lion, and a wardrobe is so limited after reading the seven books. It is novel of an elated world filled with so much life and colour that any child and adult with a thirst for curios adventures will love. Cliché as it may sound when someone opens these books it draws the reader straight into its pages making you part of the adventure.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho: All of us are dreamers there is no doubting on that. When we were young we were always asked what do we want “To Be” when we grow up? Eventually as we grow old we tend to simply go with the flow and sometimes some of us loose lustre on dreaming. This is one of the poignant messages that this novel want to transcend from. Never stop dreaming. This is my pick for anyone who is drawn to metaphysical novel.

Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice: How I wish I can pick a sonata or an aria for this novel for I want to describe all the words written for the sake of the voices behind this book. A passionate story behind the voice of a castrato in one of Anne Rice’s novel “Cry To Heaven”. This novel all took place in beautiful Italy, where art and passion never cease. Within the canals of Venice a boy named Tonio born to the Doge is trapped within the walls of a castle and the secrets of his family which lead him to become one of the most sought after castrati in the whole of Italy. A voice with so much passion, love and sadness. And as Tonio brought everyone into their knees as he open his mouth to sing, he on the other hand sings for his consumed longing of freedom, revenge and love. This is a wild card pick.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. This would have to be one of the best classics that I ever read and I think everyone should read once. For Mr. Darcy’s sake do read this novel and more than that this is utterly witty and filled with sarcastic humour!


The Odyssey by Homer: For one reason this is an age old tale that defies time itself. More than that this would be one of the most exhilarating tales ever written and told.

These are my top 10 novels that everyone should read. I enjoyed reading these books, page turners, poignant, gripping and more, both old and new for you to indulge in.
Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hasty Death - A Book Review


That would be the perfect description of my current read "Hasty Death" by M.C. Beaton. This is book two of Ms. Beaton's Edwardian Murder Mystery and it is pure delight! Book Review for Book One -- Snobbery with Violence

My last read was no doubting one heavy read and after such a read, yes I do prefer to always dissect something light and entertaining and this book doesn't disappoint even if it is a light read.

On "Hasty Death" or feisty heroine Lady Rose Summer got bored with everything trivial that the aristocracy brings. She then decides that it would be a challenge for her character to be one of the working class, and she thought she can manage as a typist with her ever loyal maid Daisy. Being one of the working class really didn't suit her until a murder of Mr. Pomfret who has tight connections with society brought her back to work yet again as a detective with Captain Harry Cathcart. A scrumptious blackmail plot is all it needs to keep you turning pages with this witty book!

Another five out of five stars!

I end this book review with my favourite quote from the book.

"Two weeks had passed since the return from Farthings, and Rose felt she had entered again into a type of luxurious convent. Once more she has to change at least six times a day and make calls with her mother or various ladies society. She had to remember all the trivial things not to do, such as never opening the door herself, never looking around when she sat down- one had to assume a footman would be there to place the chair- and never to sit down on a chair still warm from a gentleman's bottom"


Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall of Giants; A Book Review

Hello Bookies!

After a month of reading I am now ready to reveal my current book review and this is one magnanimous read is the first book of a trilogy authored by one of the best authors of the 21st century Ken Follet.

Fall of Giants.

The start of 20th century and everything is rapidly changing. Changes that can draw evolution and changes that can draw destruction. "Fall of Giants" starts at the start of World War I with characters drawn from a conservative Earl of England and his liaison with his estate maid, his strong willed sister fighting for women's rights, to rugged Russian brothers who want to change their fate and a liberal German officer who will do anything for love. The war has changed their lives dramatically, the war has drawn their fate, can they bend with all of these changes or will they loose faith?

Only one author can face a challenge to write a trilogy base on (20th century) history and we readers can only trust one author who can surpass his last work and I give all praises to this author, Ken Follet. Book one "Fall of Giants" is filled not only with historical facts but it is filled with intrigue, suspense, twists and yes even of romance.

Now a word of caution. This is a heavy read but it doesn't mean that readers should be intimidated by it, readers just need to be ready for it. I started reading it about four months ago but I have to put it down because I need to know more "outside source" with regards to European history. Prior to re-reading this book I read a few historical base novels and watched tons of period dramas so for the second time around I submerged myself into reading this novel and I honestly savoured and enjoyed it much.

I highly recommend this book for everybody especially for readers who enjoy historical fiction.

A Five out of five stars --- as expected from Ken Follet.  

Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.