Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Power of YOGA

July 29,2008; 2:46PM

I have been doing yoga for almost four years now. And in a lot of ways it does help me improve myself. What I love most about this practice is it not only focuses on the physical aspect but is rooted to spiritual growth. I’m not really active when it comes to exercise but yoga is totally different from all other exercise. You might think that it would be simple just because you are doing poses. But I tell you doing these poses will make you sweat so hard that you are like running a 40 meter dash. Hehehe. I’m not kidding when I say that. I could still remember doing the practice for the first time my whole body ached while doing the poses and just right after the practice. I have muscle pains everywhere because I was really tight. Nowadays my body is always looking for yoga already, since it has been used to it. It is one good practice no doubt on that. Like for the past two weeks I wasn’t able to do yoga since I was out of town and was very busy. So when I got back home my body was craving for it already for I can feel my back aching a bit. So Monday morning I packed my yoga matt and incense and did my yoga in the village clubhouse where it has very nice scenery. The philosophy of yoga is you need to have a flexible body in order for your mind to be flexible as well, for your mind to open. Some yogis said that it is the gift of Shiva to humans in order to us to transcend and find bliss or nirvana.yoga teaches you to balance your body with your soul. One of my favorite books; EAT,PRAY,LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert focuses on yoga as one way of prayer. A prayer which helped her find GOD and Bliss. Im a long way to that since I haven’t had any deep meditation but at least now I’m doing my yoga to help me with my spiritual growth. I sound like some kinda hippy in the 60s. hehehe. But really I’m in this road for my own growth. And yoga is one good tool through deep meditation. When you do yoga you need to focus on your breathing. And to people whose mind just cant stop thinking this is one good practice, to tell the mind to stop thinking and just focus on breathing. I haven’t mastered meditation for it’s at that time where my mind just can’t seem to focus. I need a good mantra, but need to look for the perfect mantra. But these days I’m just glad I can concentrate on breathing while doing my yoga. Also you don’t need to be an expert on yoga. Sadly I just don’t approve of yoga being commercialized and therefore loosing its essence. Some people use it just for sake of being “IN” when in fact they don’t know the true essence of yoga for one way or another it is a form of religion which should be respected. But that’s the modern world.

I do encourage everyone to try to do yoga once in a while, this is one practice or exercise which will not really loose some extra pounds but it will help you loose extra mind baggage if you know how to use it.