Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I finally finished reading “The Odyssey of Homer”. It really was a good read, and I now understood why this tale has lasted for centuries. I took time in reading the book, though I really told myself that I will finish it in a week, and I sure did. I just realized, after reading Frank Mc Court’s “ Angela’s Ashes”, that I am (somewhat) a fast reader, that is if I really want to. Usually it takes me a month to read a 400 pages book. Within that week I did not read hastily I took my time and savor The Odyssey. It is well translated by Allen Mandelbaum, I must praise him for that. The translation is beautifully written. I really did not realize how enchanting this story is until I read page after page after page. It is more than a story of odyssey it is a story filled with un-relentless perseverance, of destiny, of family, of love, of enchantment. Though I already knew how the story would end I was still very eager to get there. But it was worth the read. I fell proud of myself after reading the book. Why? Because I know in this generation where everyone is more inclined to do something else, I chose to read a story as old as the pyramids of Egypt. Not a lot of people today would know nor appreciate this story so I am privileged in a way to have read it. The Odyssey is a timeless story that I believe everyone should read.

Every time I finish a book, when I had turned the last page I always feel a slight sadness. Do you ever get that feeling? I am always eager to know the end but then when I get there I feel sad, because then again it is time for me to say goodbye to another book. At the same time it gives me the feeling of fulfillment because yet again I have read another interesting story. So today I was very eager to go back to the bookstore and get a new book. Before I go and pick up a new book I always do online research on the current best sellers. Get little excerpts, trying to see what books interests me. I like memoirs and I have been wanting to get this book for a very long time. But the price of it is already equivalent to two books so I just ignored it. That is also why I think twice of getting it. But today it really called out to me. Maybe you will find it funny but yes it did. And once I held it, my hands wouldn’t let go of it. I went straight to the counter and bought it and just ignored the price for once. But I know this is a good one!

The current book that I am reading right now ranked number two in the international best sellers list for non-fiction. This book is based on the inspiring story of a mountaineer turned school builder in Pakistan. The inspiring story of Greg Mortenson written in this book entitled “Three Cups of Tea”.

So let’s start reading………………………….



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