Monday, March 9, 2009


Yesterday as I was reading news online I came across this photo.

A photo of vintage inspired Barbie dolls sold in China. I was taken by the photo because first I love vintage, and second because it has been a long time since I saw this type of doll. But yet again there is something more to it that draw me in, something more deep. As you can see in the photo the dolls look like a crowd. They look a like, not one stands out, maybe the one in the center which caught your eye. But that’s about it, nothing in these dolls are interesting enough for me or to anyone to linger. But this photo inspires me to write something. It is something all of us are inclined to do; it is STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD.

I admit that I too want to stand out of the crowd. There is nothing wrong with that, don’t you think? We live in a world where mediocrity gets boring and so people try to be unique in their own little way. We love to make a statement(s) and yes we love to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. But is it really necessary? I wonder.

We say we love to stand out from the crowd but if you notice we still copy other people, mostly influenced by pop culture and use that for us to stand out. Take for example the “EMO” craze that the younger generation has adopted. There is nothing wrong with it, and I have nothing against it as well. But sometimes teens use this pop culture so they can stand out and be noticed in a crowd. But if there are a lot of people being influenced by the EMO mania going on today, then how can you stand out? Acquiring things just to be noticed is something I went through, but I know better now. I know a lot of us can relate to this but sometimes we buy things so that we can get noticed, maybe as simple as a savvy t-shirt to an expensive bag. We try to stand out through things we have and use not realizing that we are still mediocre in a way.

So is it still important for us to stand out in a mediocre crowd? Does it still matter? I am torn in a way because true enough I don’t want to be a mediocre person and yet I don’t want to make it a BIG DEAL. Here is what I have to say. There is nothing wrong of standing out if you are not harming anybody. But if we get so attached to the thought of standing out from the crowd to the point that it defines us and our whole being then it becomes a bit shallow. We have to dig deeper on how we define ourselves. We can still go on this world looking like a mediocre person but bringing so much impact to the world. By then mediocrity fades.

That is what I think.

Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein.


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