Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shack, a book review

What would you say if you have the chance to talk to God? I don’t have to say much really, all I have to do is give Him one tight hug and for sure He would know what I really want to say. Actions speak louder than words so they say.

The book that I just read centers about this intimate relationship between God and a broken person and their weekend on the shack. Yes the book that I just read is “The Shack” by WM. Paul Young. It really is a very interesting and an intriguing read. It is one of the top best sellers of fiction books. At first glance you might think it is a book base on terror and mystery with a very grotesque shack almost covered with snow on its cover with a hint of light peeking on the right side. But I was happy to go through its back cover which says:

“In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant The Shack wrestles with the timeless question: Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain? The answer Mack get will astound you and perhaps transform you as much as it did him.”

Wont you be intrigued by that? I know I did.

As I read through chapter after chapter I found the book more than intriguing this time. It is a book full of genuine thought and a lot of heart. There are a lot of ideas that resonated in me, and ideas that I too believed in. This makes this book really special. One thing is for sure this book is not for anyone who is not ready to read such thoughts about the author’s concept about God and religion. One should read this book with an open mind and an open heart. But you have to remind yourself that this is a fiction book. I love reading it on how the author portrays God. Unexected? Yes, but it really is a very good portrayal of someone who has so much Love to give. It is such a fresh idea, as far as I know, for the author to craft such a story revolving between a man and God in modern time. This is one fiction book which had the courage to go into those very sensitive subjects but still keeps its integrity.

So what have I learned from reading “The Shack”. A lot I must say. It reminded me of how God’s love is totally unconditional or as we call it AGAPE. NEVER demanding and always patient. That it isn’t about religion but our faith in Him- for He has faith in us. The book teaches you on how we should treasure relationships more than everything and anything and on how we can grow with His grace. That this life, our life is filled with LOVE and we just need to be sensitive to know that He is always with us.

I invite you to read this book it will amaze you on what you will find. I end this blog with this excerpt from the book:

Mackenzie Allen Philip’s youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Four years later, in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack on the weekend.
Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmare. What he finds there will change Mack’s life forever.

Maybe it will change YOUR LIFE too.......


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