Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Good BOOK Find!!

I was out today with mama at the super market because of course it is Easter tomorrow and mama wants to prepare something special, so I went with her for some food shopping. Before we went and bought the necessary ingredients for our “Easter specials” mama had her nails done. So while she's relaxing at the salon I went out to do some window shopping myself. Well just window shopping until I ended up at the book sale store. I know you are familiar with stores like these which sell everything from new and old issue magazines, comics and of course the second hand books at very low prices. I have been in these stores before only getting myself an old issue of a popular fashion or travel & leisure magazine. I really don’t have enough patience to stand and scan all of the second hand books. Because as I pick my book on bookstores I directly go to the information desk with my list of my want-to-read-books and have the attendant help me, or more or less pick something that intrigues me. But on stores like “book sale” you have to dig into the books by yourself.

Alright since I don’t have much to do I dive into the piles of books that surround me. It took me about ten minutes of scanning through titles and I was so happy to come across this book.

I never expected to see this book, but I’m lucky to have it now. Of course I bought it! I mean who wouldn’t? I have seen the film “Capote” and prior to that, I honestly must say I really don’t much about him though I totally adore the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which he wrote as well. I love classic books because just like music nothing compares to the classics. And guess how much I paid for it? Only 35 pesos, just about a quarter! Anyway for sure I will be writing a review on it soon. As of now I just started to read a Pulitzer Prize Winner Novel which I will be revealing soon on my next book review.

Have you read “In Cold Blood”, what are your thoughts on it?


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