Monday, April 13, 2009

A thought of Mediocre Books

An opinion:

There are a lot of books these days that I consider mediocre. And why have I come up with that? Intuition maybe. Just like everything else some books these days become a product of money and profit. Some authors write for the sake of making money and not for the mere fact of the art of writing good stories. Have I encountered books and authors for me to bring myself into such conclusion? I believe I have. Have I read any? Not really because I really don’t want to waste my time and money with books that is only a product of mass advertisement. If you are a “book lover” I believe you will always have a good feeling with books. “Good book intuition” perhaps. I believe people who have passion for reading have innate nature to tell whether books are crappy or not. Though I must say that it takes a lot of practice before we get to a point where we can easily tell and distinguish an exceptional book from a mediocre one. I am not the person who goes to the bookstore and gets the most popular book on the shelf where they are all well arranged, piled nicely, which for a lot of reason is a part of their mass advertisement. Some of the best books I have read really are the ones I found in one corner of the bookstore, not a lot of copies, and perhaps a shabby cover. Sometimes I feel sad for readers who get caught up with the “best-seller-turned-movie-saga-series” books (not pertaining to any book) because I feel they are examples of books influenced by mass advertisement and in a way mediocre (for my taste). It doesn’t mean that everyone is reading it, means that it is a good read. Sometimes we just read to get into the fiasco really so that we can say, “yeah I have read that book as well.” And join in the discussion so that we won’t get left behind so to speak. I don’t care really for that. I prefer to read exceptional reads!

This is just my thought on the growing mass production of mediocre books. I feel sad that sometimes authors these days lack the heart to write beautiful stories. I know it is never easy, but I just wish that writing stories would be like reading…..IT MUST HAVE PASSION!


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