Tuesday, June 30, 2009

THE HOURS- A Book Review

If you were given an hour to be someone else, would you take that chance? Did it ever cross your mind to be someone else, in a different place and time? Do you even wonder what it would be like behind someone else’s life? If you were given that chance in an hour would you take it?

My current read is about three women who wished they had that chance. A chance to be somebody else, aside from themselves. A chance which they hunger for, for they loathe their lives in way. Makes you wonder what contentment means? “The Hours” by Michael Cunnigham brings you the ordinary lives of three women, Mrs. Dalloway, Mrs. Woolf and Mrs. Brown. Three women caught up with their own silent resentment towards their lives, and everything changes in just hours. Mrs. Dalloway abhors the fact that the man she loves will never love her back, the way she loves him. Mrs. Woolf despises the thought that being an accomplished writer did not give her, her longing for freedom. And Mrs. Brown revolts that she is trapped in a world full of pretention. But how will these three women influence each other? How will their lives meet? In hours it will be define and forever lock their lives together.

I must admit I was intrigued by the movie which was released 2002 and I was nineteen years old then. I did saw the film but I honestly did not get it. It was really raving on the Academy Awards but I really did not get it. Later on I came to discover, well too late for that matter, that it was based on a novel. Too late when I say because first I did not get the book, second if I did I would not have the chance to read it because of college/university work. After all that, now that I have the chance to consume book after book I came across this novel (a hard cover to be exact) in a book sale. Lucky me, I know. And more surprisingly I did not expect that this novel already won the Pulitzer Prize. That got me very eager to start reading it.

In just a few pages of reading the tone of the novel is already set. The pages exude dark gloom. And as I read through chapter after chapter you get entranced with words so perfectly written and matched like you need to savor each one of them. Like having your favorite dessert. I don’t want to exaggerate but I barely do read books like this. It is the one reason why authors (like Michael Cunnigham) are born to write, to write beauty that the mind will try to fathom. Yes even the beauty of gloom. I think “beautifully written” would be an understatement for this novel. It is a short novel but the story is enchanting. This book made me realize that there are a lot of books out there just waiting for me to be read. And I just can’t wait.

I always end my review with my favorite quote from the book, but I must admit the whole book itself is a quote!

I give this novel a FIVE OUT OF FIVE STAR RATING.

Now time to watch that film again!!


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