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Royalty and chivalry would have to be one of the most popular subjects that stories are told. No wonder stories like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty and their Prince Charmings will never cease because they have captivated many. Stories simple as it seems but grand because of Royalty and chivalry.

"Some days you hear one story of Mary Queen of Scots, some days another. What you will never, never hear, even if you listen a hundred times, even when the story is told by her adoring admirers, is the story of a woman who consults her own interest, thinks for her self, and marries for her best advantage. But since in this life a woman is a piece of property, she does well to consider her improvement, her sale at the best price, and her further ownership. What else? Shall she let herself tumble down?"
-Elizabeth Talbot; Countess Shrewsbury

This is how this current read of mine starts. A story that a lot of people then and now have been captivated. All captivated by the beauty of Queen Mary of Scots and her downfall, in a novel by Philippa Gregory; “The Other Queen.”
Stories of royalty, of Kings and Queen with their vast Kingdoms has always been intriguing, no doubt. And this novel based on the life of Queen Mary I on her exile to her death on the scaffold in British soil is captivating. I have always been drawn to stories based on history and I must admit that The Tudor is one of my favorite. This novel a mixed between history and fiction blended together makes it perfect. I think it is brilliant to put words behind this famous history. The novel itself will retell history with all its deadly plots and conspiracies, rugged escapes, rebellion, spies, Earl and Duke, from a barren queen to a whore with a crown. All of these make this novel an indulgence.

This would be the first novel that I have read from Philippa Gregory’s novels, “The Other Boleyn Girl” as the most popular. I know this would not be the last. I think to write fiction based on a nonfiction story is a gift, and she has that.

For people drawn to history this is a MUST READ!!

I give this novel a four out of five star rating.

Mary Queen of Scots


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