Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In Cold Blood; Truman Capote- A BOOK REVIEW

I must admit that I am not a big fan of books that involves suspense and thriller subjects. I am not really into the chase of bad ass criminals and tragic murders. But on occasion I do pick up an exceptional book with such subject, and I mean really exceptional book. And recently I have picked up and read one exceptional suspense book; “In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote.

I have blogged about this book prior to me reading it, on how I found this exceptional book. I was really eager to start reading and I must say that the book/story and the author himself really did not disappoint me. If you are not familiar of the story, “In Cold Blood” is based on the Clutter murder of November 1959, Kansas, U.S.A. In whole it doesn’t only revolve on the night of the murder though everything really started there, but it also gives detail life descriptions of the family who were murdered and the lives of the criminals as well. Both coming from two different worlds. The Clutter family are the “typical all American family” (on the surface) Herb Clutter ran a big farm who despises anyone who smokes, his wife Bonnie Clutter suffered from post pregnancy depression which lasted till the day they died, the kids Nancy, 16 was the all perfect daughter and one of the most popular students at school and Kenyon, 15 in his adolescent always had a world of his own and was aloof. The perpetrators Dick Hickock and Perry Smith came from the opposite spectrum of the all “American family”. Both came from a meager family, Perry from a broken one. Which in a lot of ways influenced their life which landed them into “lansing” before committing one of the worse crime ever heard in Kansas; the Clutter Murder. A robbery which turned into one of the most brutal murder ever written, four lives for only $40. Truman did not hold his pen on writing how the Clutter looked on the day they were found dead in their house. Of course the chase of Dick and Smith was also part of the story, and how the detectives Nye and Dewey caught them in Nevada. The whole investigation down to the night when they were hang at “the corner”.

Overall the book is a BIG HIT for me. One of the best things that Capote does as an author is he brings the reader to the story and onto the scene itself. He also gave different sides of America in the 60’s. At the end both sides the murdered and the murderers were victims of uncontrolled circumstances of their life. Makes you think as Truman goes into the troubled lives of Dick and Perry, on how life molded them to become criminals. Was it their fault to end up the way they were? Or was it society’s fault in a way or two?

It is one of non fiction book that I would highly recommend especially to anyone who is into suspense and thriller. A true classic that I wish would be reprinted so that the a lot of readers will be able to savor the story and the genius behind Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood”.


Truman Capote

The real Perry (above) & Dick (below)