Friday, June 19, 2009

Afternoon Rain

The afternoon has turned grey. Heavy rain clouds are threatening the skies making me scramble outside to make sure that the dogs won’t get wet. They are safe now. We waited for the rain.

From across the mountain, I can see the rain racing towards our warm house. Mama made sure to shut all window panes and doors. With a shy drop on the tin roof the rain came pouring down. The rain is here making all house roofs sing and making steam out in the warm streets. I decided to open up a door just to take a peek of the beauty outside. Mists teased my face making it tingle. I stared as the soft white fog slowly envelopes everything outside, shrouding the whole village in its cool embrace. The plants seem happy I thought, each rain drop makes leaves and flowers seem to dance with glee. Everything seems quite queit, and as I grab a cup of hot cocoa I eagerly want this moment to last a little longer.

How I love the rain.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Even though if it is the wet season here in warm Philippines, I would like to consider my blog readers who are starting their summer break in the west. I know some of you would be going out on a trip this summer, and might be wondering what would be the best book to bring along on your holiday. Or whether you choose to be at home this summer I will be giving these must read for this summer. This is my preference and I have read all of these books as well.

Alright so we will start with the non fiction. My choices are:

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert- If you are a woman, who will be going on a holiday I believe you need to bring this book with you. If you have not read it then this is the summer you need to read this book. It is the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert on her quest to look for everything missing in her life travelling in three different countries. I know every woman can relate to her story.

Three Cups Of Tea by Greg Mortenson- is the perfect book for all the gentlemen (and ladies as well). It is the life changing moment of one climber’s dream of reaching Mount Karakoram which ended him to doing so much more for the uneducated children of Pakistan. This book will not bore you for even though if it is a memoir it has a lot of thrills in it.

These are must reads for fiction books:

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini- this is my recent read. And as I mentioned on my book review this is an outstanding novel. It is about the two lives of two women living in the harsh reality that is Afghanistan at war. You will never regret you have read this novel.

Love In The Time Of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez- I have chose this book because this novel will bring you to a time of place where there is so much love and romance. This book will make you long for love. One of the most romantic novels I have ever read.

The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy- if you are looking for a book full of family drama set in exotic India, then this book is for you to read. I chose this novel because it illuminates the warmth of summer through its unexpected twists and its poetry where it will bring you to India.

These are my choices for summer must reads. I hope you will watch out my next book review. A novel full of passion and music all set in a country where art and love will never cease, Italy.