Saturday, June 27, 2009

my sister's keeper- A Book Review

I want to begin this book review with a poem which hangs on my mama’s kitchen:

“Family ties are precious threads
No matter where we roam, they draw us close to those we love
And pull our hearts back home.”

How do you mend a torn family? You sew it back TOGETHER.

The book that I just read goes through the life of a typical family that is going through one tough trial. The Fitgerald -going through a trial in the face of a daughter, a sibling, a sister who has a rare case of leukemia. “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult is a heartbreaking story of how a family copes with a circumstance that they are trying to save but in truth it is truly out of their hands. Kate who is diagnosed with a rare case of leukemia at an early aged depended much on her younger sister Anna for all of her medical needs from blood transfusions to bone marrow transplant. Existential to keep Kate alive. But what happens when one day Anna says….NO MORE. What happens then? More importantly why is Anna doing it? This turmoil breaks their family apart even more but at the end binds them even closer. What happened to Kate? What happened to Anna? Who is the “sister’s keeper”? These are the questions you will have to find out through reading this heartbreaking story.

I always go to the New York Times best sellers website so I can take a peek on the books that are good reads. And yes this is one of them. I saw it in the book store but I hesitated to get it at that time because I can feel tragedy in the story. So I skipped it. But then I heard that the motion picture based on the book is gaining popularity and have good reviews as well, and so I decided to grab the book before I go and see the film. No wonder that both the book and the film have gained and is gaining popularity because this story will make you wonder…..WHY? WHY IS ANNA DOING THIS? AND WHY NOW WHEN HER SISTER, KATE NEEDS HER MOST? In the end everything will reveal itself, as I scan through the last few pages of the book I wept, wept like I never wept before through reading a story. And I know I will weep once again when I will see the film.

This book is for families going through struggles, for moms and dads who will do everything and anything for their children, for couples torn by uncontrolled circumstances, for siblings, for sisters whose love for each other is beyond feeling and living.

I give this book a four out of five star rating.

To watch the movie trailer click here:


Sunday, June 21, 2009

CRY TO HEAVEN - A Book Review

How do you put ethereal voices in words? How can you describe so much beauty that only the ears will try to comprehend and savor? How can you write tunes so that readers can get overwhelmed with its immensity and power? How?

How I wish I can post a sonata or an aria while you are reading this book review, for I want to describe all the words written for the sake of the voices behind this book. A passionate story behind the voice of a castrato in one of Anne Rice’s novel “Cry To Heaven”. This story all took place in beautiful Italy, where art and passion never cease. Within the canals of Venice a boy named Tonio born to the Doge is trapped within the walls of a castle and the secrets of his family which lead him to become one of the most sought after castrati in the whole of Italy. A voice with so much passion, love and sadness. And as Tonio brought everyone into their knees as he open his mouth to sing, he on the other hand sings for his consumed longing of freedom, revenge and love.

This novel would have to be the longest one I had read to date. But I did not regret reading its immensity. Only an author like Anne Rice can ever write such passion and darkness in its pages that it will want you to know more. Like Tonio who has become a eunuch, sexless in a way, no longer a man yet not enough to be a woman this novel go beyond gender for the sake of passion. Such beauty written, such grandeur in its pages, and an overwhelming sound and voices wrapped me as I devour page after page. Pages that have deadly secrets that will stun readers as much as it stunned the characters of the story. Truly this novel is an EPIC!

I invite everyone to read this novel, especially for artists for I believe this is dedicated to them. I was intimidated with its pages I won’t deny that but as I went through it I found out I just could not have enough of it. There is family drama, there is deadly plots, alcohol, women, men, eunuchs, opera, the list goes on to make this massive story so …………….. MAGNIFICENT!! And only Anne Rice can ever describe ethereal voices in ink. Because of her this novel will certainly be one of the most passionate reads I ever had.

“It was horror of this world that a thousand evil were visited on those who were blameless and no one was ever punished, and side by side the greatest promise was nothing but misery and want. Children mutilated to make choir of seraphim, their song a cry to heaven that heaven did not hear.”


Cry To Heaven by Anne Rice

And before I end this review I want you to view this youtube video from one of the popular Italian movies about castrati Farinelli so that you will be able to see a glimpse of what I have read.

A four out of five star rating.