Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beneath A Marble Sky; A Book Review

"If Mother had been married to another, and you were only friends, and could never be lovers, would you...could you have endured?"

He shook his head. "Would a bee be content to sip water all his life, when there's nectar for him? Would a stag live in a valley, when there's a mountain he could climb? No, my sweet child, I would never have known contentedness. Indeed, I'd be much sadder than I am today".

Emperor Shah Jahan

I wantto start this book review with my favorite quote from the novel "Beneath A Marble Sky" by John Shors. A novel based on one of the most amazing man made structure the Taj Mahal. A true Monument of Love.

As I read its first pages I was swept away back into time, back into Hindustan. Where an Emperor loved his wife deeply and adored their children. Emperor Shah Jahan might have many wives and concubines but he will never share the same feeling he shared with Mumtaz Mahal (means the chosen one of the palace). She bore him children and three of them are most favored by the Emperor. Dara the Artisan, Aurangzub the Warrior and Jahanara the Princess. But is she only but a Princess? For this story does not only revolve around the building of Taj Mahal but it also revolves around the strength of a muslim Princess named Jahanara and how she remained strong for her father and mother, brothers, friends, for her country and for the man she loves who carved Taj Mahal into a "A Tear drop On The Cheek Of Time", Isa. An epic story created with great inspiration like the Taj Mahal is a story worth reading. One of my favorite reads.

It is February the month of love and I am pleased to have read an amazing book filled not only of love but of war,history and culture, nobility and family, allies and enemies, of secrets plots and spies, of voyage. A book that will keep you enthralled the whole time you are reading it. It did not dissapoint me at all. I like so many others have been enchanted by the Taj Mahal (Mahal in Filipino means Love) and when I found this book I barely put it down. Though I already know the history of the Taj Mahal, the author wrote something fascinating to breathe new life to its story. I will be waiting patiently for the movie release. For sure it will be spellbounding.

ASTOUNDING! A 5 out of 5 stars.


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