Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing by Reading

Reading for me has become a very good teacher. I know everyone learned through reading but at present after leaving all textbooks that I need to read to pass a subject in college I devoted myself in reading books that help me grow as a person.

You might think I indulge myself in “self help” books but not really. Yes I admit that I am one of the people who went with the band wagon in reading books like “A New Earth” by Tolle which for me is very awakening and a book that I would recommend as well.

I realized quite recently that I have evolved as a reader. Books before has become a scapegoat for boredom but today I treasure reading because as cliché as it might sound you do get valuable lessons just by reading a story. I think if you contemplate on the book that you are reading you do get something valuable from it. Also I know how to be open minded in so many ways just by reading. It exposes me different values, cultures, beliefs and faiths but more than that if you pick the right book you will find not only find knowledge but wisdom as well.

When you evolve as a reader do you become more particular with books that you are reading? I think evolved readers are not bothered with book genres, authors, or titles. I think you go beyond that part and you are open to a certain point of learning.
I also learned that readers are always subjective to books that one is reading or have read. A particular book might be substantial to me but not to you. We all have personal choices even on the books that we read no doubt but at least the books that we reading can communicate with us. I hope they do, and if they don’t get another one. The book should speak to you and able to bring you to its pages because I believe that is one of the essences of reading and of books.

The message/knowledge/wisdom whatever you want to call it, that I have learned through reading is like the sea, vast, mysterious, colourful, unchartered, beautiful, serene, and so much more.
I believe I am lucky that I have the chance to read and to grow from reading. I hope it has for you as well.


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