Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ponder With Life

I always have this urge to write on nights like this. Tonight is one of those nights. A night when something inside me wants to explode if not it will choke me from within.

I am on the stage of my life that mysteries surrounding me are trying to peel off like an onion trying to reveal its true colour--- purple to white. Like an onion you might cry peeling but the scent and the taste is all worth it.

I am slowly grasping the essence of life. I am here not because of HOW but of WHAT. What is life’s essence? Ask the right question and it will be revealed to you in time. I know some of the great minds in our times will always and will be considered eccentric, but all eccentrics always know behind something secret and taboo in this modern age, if we do call it modern.

Life will always be a mystery, and I am here now to slowly unravel it. It a choice that I had made and will continue to make. I don’t want to die and rot in the ground like all of us will end up and not realizing for a certain glimpse what is LIFE’S ESSENCE. Do you? Do you want to go on living just for the sake and not living with a certain purpose aside from survival, aside from breathing?

I am not projecting an inner guru I am only projecting myself which I hope you can relate to. I am in the point of the my life where I can see people’s aura. I can distinguish happy and contented people from sad and troubled ones.

I have a neighbour who is full of rage. A woman who is not content in her life but to pull everyone around her down. Why is she doing this? Not because she is happy in tormenting everyone including us but because she is a very sad person. I don’t know what she has to go through in life but one thing is for sure. She thought life has taught her to be strong but in reality life has shattered her and made her rough as any common rock. I bet if someone with the right aura would hug her tight, she will cry all her fears and pain out. A person who doesn’t have peace with himself will always manifest it one way or the other. How sas she is, that is how I see her. A crab in its totality, hard in the outside but easy to break in the inside. How fragile can one get?

Everyone in this world will never find peace not until we will be buried six feet under, will we? But I ask you will you wait for that when life has sucked everything out of you? I WON’T! I am in a journey to find my inner peace and bliss. I don’t need to wait for the earth to eat me all up to know what it is. As much as I can I will gather all of my strength and ability to know what I am ENTITLED TO KNOW about life and its mysteries.

There will be a lot of people who will laugh at me. Just like Christ, Just like Buddha and Muhammad they have to be laughed at and scrutinize even died in the cross just to make a point. That we need to seek out a path that will lead us to grow as human beings. We call ourselves today as modern society but I have seen and experienced in my own eyes that we are becoming degenerate and we as human beings have become lesser animals. How can we call ourselves human when we don’t know how to become a REAL MAN?

I don’t know about you but I am not willing to become one of the mediocre Homo sapien in this time and age. I know that some people who grasp unique wisdom and knowledge are commonly laughed at but that is the price the wise has to pay. All I am eager to know is the REAL LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.



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