Sunday, May 23, 2010

River God; A Book Review

The warm wind this summer has brought me another precious jewel from the pages of a book based upon a slave and eunuch “River God” by Wilbur Smith is pure summer delight.

Taita slave and eunuch with his story will make you turn each page with shrill excitement loosing yourself in the depth of the river Nile to the unforgiving deserts of Africa. Each page filled with the lives of ancient Egypt where a weak Pharaoh is in turmoil of losing a dynasty and he needs a lowly slave like Taita to change his destiny. Will Taita deliver or not? With plotting and deceit around the palace how will a slave make way for a dynasty to continue? To what extent will this eunuch do to preserve Pharaoh’s dynasty?

This summer is a good time for anyone to be enthralled with a book based on the people who once worshiped the sun god Amon-Re a book about ancient Egypt. I have been waiting for a substantial book based on warm Egypt and then I found this book and like the river Nile I was swept away with it. “River God” is a rich book that will take readers to the lives and customs of Ancient Egypt. The pages will bring you to the gorgeous palace of Thebes with colourful murals. Festivals and wars will make you leap with excitement. Love, intrigue, deceit, passion are a few reasons why this book is a page turner. I believe this is a true classic. A MUST READ!

Brilliant...simply brilliant!



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