Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Why read?

I sometimes do think....why read? There are a lot of people today who would ask me THE question....WHY READ?

For me the answer is simple..... BECAUSE IT IS A GIFT & PRIVILEGE. I don’t want to go on with rhetoric on what reading is all about because we all know the essence of reading. To read means to learn but we all know it is more than learning.

I think I have written about this matter once but I really want to express my thoughts and feelings on why I love to read and why I believe everyone should as well. I have mentioned already that reading for me is a gift because it clearly is. Not a lot of us living today can read or some don’t understand what they are reading. It is a gift for someone to have the chance to read and understand what he is reading, don’t you agree?

I miss the “good old days”, so they say when every nook and cranny readers are everywhere. Where are they all now? Have they become one of the endangered species as well? Is it because of global warming?

Twenty years ago reading is the hobby. How can I forget since I am one of those kids who would go home with a pocket book, anything to read on the week end? My sisters as well have their favourite romance pocket books and we would sit on our little corner and just read. Those days are long gone when kids would rush in their school library just to take home a favourite book.

I do feel sad at times when I see teenagers who spend more time on their cell phones, PSPs and computer. They always say they do it because it cuts boredom or it is “fun”. Well grab a book and for sure you will get more from it than wasting your time with cell phones, computers, and PSPs. It will cut boredom if you are open to the thought that reading can be FUN. Have a little imagination and it will go a long way. Why do think most films as popular as Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are FUN to watch? Because they are all based on books. Most good films these days are based on good books and novels.

As for the adults we always say “we don’t have time to read”. Yes I can honestly understand that with work home and kids to look after why bother to read? I AM SO BUSY and reading will never fit in my schedule. I heard that one too, coming from myself. But I did find time eventually to read, an hour or two on the weekend, 30 minutes before going to bed, doesn’t matter how long you read as long as you do. Pick up a book that interest you and start reading a few pages, yes it will make you feel little drowsy at first but work yourself to finish that first ten pages or chapter. If you don’t understand a sentence or phrase read it again until you do. Do not pressure yourself from reading, because I know I have not before it takes me a month to finish a 300 page book. So what? No one is keeping track except me as long as I kept on reading that’s all that mattered.

Why am I so adamant with books and reading? Because I have simply found a GIFT that I want to share with everyone. BORING you might say. But honestly I have learned a lot just by reading. No not books about quantum physics but books that simply caught my attention and those that speak to me. Now you might say I am really going gaga. What I mean is books that interest you. I started with C.S. Lewis’ “The Witch, the Lion, and the Wardrobe”. From then on I have grown as a reader. Who cares if you would even start with fairy tale books as long as you read because all I know for sure is all readers evolve. And as an evolved reader I have read substantial books that made me realize things in life, and to think I have read it on fictional books. Strange isn’t it? Reading has shown me a lot of things in life that I ponder on. Both good and bad but I always keep an open mind.

Why do I always go out of my way to write a book review ever so often? There is only one reason. BECAUSE I WANT EVERYONE TO READ. As much as I want to and I do want to admit it I want people to know that reading has gone pass being nerdy as of now it is cool and officially FAB! I want to encourage anyone who does stumble into my book review blog that reading is more than interesting. I want to encourage people to read because it creates not only knowledge but culture as well. More than that it is obviously known that reading was, is and will always be used as a tool for us to grow so why not take advantage of it? It is our PRIVILEGE TO READ why don’t we take it?

Books for me have become my treasure chest. Each one more precious than Ali Baba’s hidden treasure for the jewels found in each page is something that will always linger in me and will never be lost nor stolen.

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