Friday, July 9, 2010

Midnights With The Mystic; A Book Review

WHO ARE YOU? If you are stripped with your name, family, education, accomplishments, and possessions what will be left in you, what is your inner core? WHO ARE YOU behind all of the labels that modern society has given you on which you have accumulated willingly? WHO ARE YOU?

I have read a few books both fiction and non-fiction regarding one’s search for spiritual growth. For me it has become an ultimate search for me to know the mysteries of life. My current read has brought me once again to helping me find the real and essential ME behind the mask that I have accumulated through time.

“Midnights With The Mystic” by Cheryl Simone and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev would become one of my bibles which helped see life in different light, a better light. The book is based upon the conversations of a true sceptic Cheryl with her guru Sadhguru. There are poignant questions that Cheryl was given the chance to asked Sadhguru regarding basics of our human life and how we reach our highest potential as human beings. The book will make you question your existence and of your reality.

This would not be the first book that I have read which deals with the stripping of ego and being conscious of the REAL YOU which is hidden under layers and layers of labels/ego. We all have one aim in life. TO LIVE A FULL AND HAPPY LIFE but Sadhguru triggers one question...How can you be happy when you do not even know your REAL SELF?

The book SHOULD be read with an open mind. I have to go back and forth on some important details that Sadhguru points out because I want to understand it. Books like this should never be read with haste but one should savour and understand it.

This book as good and as inspiring as it is I will ONLY recommend it to someone who is ready for it because if you are NOT you would just throw it away and would think it as a load of rubbish. When you start to ask “WHO AM I” beyond all the clutter? Then this book is a MUST READ for you.
Also I am not encouraging anyone to get in touch with Sadhguru and his program, I am not here to advertise anyone. I am ONLY here to encourage everyone to read.

A Five out of five stars.


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