Saturday, September 4, 2010

Eat,Pray,Love; (Filipino point of view book review)


Today it is hot like an Indian summer reaching to 100degrees. I write the “PRAY” chapter from the book “Eat, Pray, Love” while looking over the sea from our balcony, crickets chirping, humid weather, sitar playing in the background from a player, and thankful to be in our little temple tucked in a paradise we call home.

Liz Gilbert went to India to find spiritual union with God. Four months in an ashram tucked in a remote village in India gave her the freedom to let go of her past and concentrate on the present. Her life went tumbling down after she decided to let everything go but still she was holding back all the pain inside her like her love for her lover David and her ex husband. Before she found God she has to let go of the pain and focus on the NOW. After everything that she went through, her struggles of meditation, her restless mind, she finally found solace just by keeping still and then God appeared in a glimpse before her. She found union just by keeping still.

Prayer will always be essential to my growth as a person. How I have grown in the two years from a mere religious person to a more spiritual one. I am blessed that my spiritual quest brought me to books which gave me more insights on how spirituality moulds lives. One of the many books is the one that I am writing a review on now. Prayer before is always a plea or thanks to someone unseen out in space. Today my prayer is not a plea or thanks to someone but to EVERYONE and unto MYSELF. Today my God is not wrapped in one person alone, today my God is one and all. As Liz said that we have the freedom to choose our religion like we are picking cherries, and so I did. My religion resides within me, it has a simple name and it has one goal for me to grow as a person. My religion is LOVE.

It might be hard for Filipino Catholics, as I was, to let go of our religion. But I have already but I am thankful that the Christian faith has taught me to look myself deeper and look for my inner heaven. As Jesus said:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

And so I honestly believe that it does. What is the worth of freedom of religion when we can’t exercise that freedom because our religion is automatically handed out to us like our culture? I need to make a culture of my own and that includes my own religion.

Spirituality only has one aim to guide everyone to realize their TRUE being and their ego, segregating YOU and EGO so that one can grow. Growing spiritually is never easy but it is the path that only the few venture, it is a calling that a few like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and Rumi has answered its call.

But everything starts with one simple prayer.

Pray and grow.


Watch out for my "Love" review on the book.

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