Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nadia's Song; A Book Review

My current read is a book for all women, for mothers and daughters alike. “Nadia’s Song” by Soheir Kashoggi is an inspiring story of women who struggles through life proving that they are more than just mere women.

Karima is not only a woman; she is born to a poor Moslem family who (sometimes) regards women unequal to men. Just like any Moslem girl she was taught to fear men for they rule society a fear that she ignored because she fell in love with the “pasha’s” son, Charles a handsome English gentleman. Too many worlds set them apart, she a servant he the master’s son, she an Egyptian he and English man but still they resisted everything to prove their love but tragedy torn them apart and the only thing that eased the pain is for Karima to sing her sorrows which eventually was heard throughout Egypt making her the “Karawan” or the Nightingale. Her love for Charles bore them a beautiful daughter Nadia, but she lost her in one of Egypt’s social tragedies. Where did Nadia end up with and will mother and daughter reunite again? This is one reason why you should read this novel. More than that it brings readers through a family saga which is torn and bounded by love amidst the social turmoil all set in Egypt.

I for one have been drawn to novels/books which focus on the strength of women like “The Colour Purple” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” these books are written to inspire women of all ages. It gives awareness on the plight of women before and how time has moulded women to become stronger today. Aside from that the novel “Nadia’s Song” tells a forbidden love story between lovers and how it changed their lives and of the people around them.

I give this book a four out of vie stars.


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