Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

I will admit that this next book review might be a little biased because I for one am interested in Indian culture and everything related to it. "The Marriage Bureau for Rich People" by Farahad Zama takes readers to Vizag,India and into the world of Indian wedding customs, matchmaking, and arranged weddings.

After a long historical read (Forever Amber) I decided to pick up an easy read. And this book was it. Our main characters are Mr.Ali who just opened a matchmaking service after retirement, one way for him to get away from boredom and his secretary Aruna who is in search for love as well. But can someoe like Aruna ever find love when Indian culture expects traditional girls like her to be wed to someone within her caste (Hindu) and to be wed to someone arranged by her parents. The Indian culture is somehow so diverse and interesting in a lot of ways that this book will keep you hooked into it. Mr.Ali gives advices to his clients as much as he gives advices to his secretary Aruna on how to find love. Whether LOVE found after being wed from the conventional arranged wedding or LOVE found before being wed, which is very liberal for Indian culture. Readers will have to find out if Aruna will marry someone for LOVE or marry someone for culture sake?

It is an interesting book. Readers will be drawn to Indian culture,religion,castes, and how the modern world and culture shape their lives as well.

I give this book a four out of five.


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Friday, January 22, 2010


Is anyone really interested in reading today and reading my blog. Would love to hear from readers of my book review blog. Would love to know what you are reading. What type of books do you love? Leave me a comment.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Forever Amber; A Book Review

I started reading Forever Amber by Kathleen Winsor about 5months ago. And yes it is one of the longest read that I ever had. It is about 1,000page novel base on English History during the 17th century. So it really covers a lot of British history.

So that is the base/foundation of the book. The heroine of the novel is Amber St.Claire who was orpahned and made her way up through the ranks by English society by sleeping with or marrying richer and important men. All for sake of marrying one man Lord Carlton. It is an interesting book for me since I really wanted to know more about English histroy for one. The book itself will bring you through important English history like the Bobonic plague and The Great Fire of London. More than that the book is well written. As I always say it comes down to details. All about the details and the author exquisitely wrote detail after details. From fascinating and grand architure, to fabulously sewn gowns it was a delight to be in 17th Century London just by reading.

The book covers LOVE & OBSESSION of Amber to Lord Carlton. The problem with English society at that time is that marriage is mostly arranged so this is where the problem of the story comes. Will Amber have Lord Carlton in the end? Will her love and obsession for him gain anything?

I will give this book a 3 star out of five. Though it is beautifully written it is long and most readers wont be drawn to it. If you love history or want to know about English history then this book is for you. But let me remind readers that th end is a SHOCK!

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