Thursday, July 15, 2010

Religion; My Thoughts

There is something in me today that just want to write down my thoughts. It is like an insect bite that I cannot ignore but scratch it. All of these are my opinion.

Religion. I believe they were made to make civilize men but today they are one of the reasons that degenerates all of us. I was once a religious person brought up in a Catholic Filipino family going to Sunday mass was a MUST. Prayer was one of the first things that I learned. In a lot of good ways religion has become one of the foundations of our family life just like any other Filipino.

I admit that I took my religion seriously, yes I was pious. But I came to the point when I start to ask questions. It started with; will religion matter when I get to the gates of “heaven”? (if there is such a place). Will God categorize all of us base on what we believe? Is Heaven subdivided upon Christians, Moslems, Hindu and Buddhists? I answered this question quite simply. God is not limited and separate us because of our religion. I believe God only is keener on what we have done on Earth rather than who we believed in. It does not mean that you are a Pope, a Lama, an Ulama that you have full access to the gates of heaven because we are all judged on what we have become in our lifetime.

The September 11 catastrophe made me more aware of how religion is used by so many of us for different objectives in life. Religious scriptures are twisted back and forth leading to different interpretations just for the sake of REASON that GOD is behind them and their cause. Are all of these horrid crimes of humanity for the sake of God or religion? This would not only happen today because even the Christians would go to the extent of cutting heads off to all non believers as witnessed in the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisitions. I do not believe that Christ mentioned “Off with their heads to non Christians.” Or did Krishna created the caste system for oppression and rank sake? How far do we have to go to take religion and using it for an insane mantra?

It did get worse and getting worst. I opened my eyes one day to see beggars lining up with tin cans outside an affluent Church. I thought the church that I so believe in is bound to poverty, chastity, and CHARITY. As to POVERTY, many churches today milk their devotees so that the men in cloak will live a comfortable life and worse a luxurious life. My church that holds Christ to a very high esteem never lived in the status they have now. My Christ rode on a humble donkey and NOT on a Rolce Royce. My Christ wore a simple white tunic and leather sandals and NOT an expensive silk robe, gilded with rings in fingers with designer leather shoes. As for CHARITY, I wonder why they concentrate more of their own gilded Charity Offices but ignore the beggars at their doors? On why they would still pass around charity basket during Mass knowing that most of their devotees are poor? Is my Church not rich enough to share their wealth to everyone? Or has GREED got a new name.....CHARITY? As for CHASTITY, how many men in cloak would go to the extent of perverse acts to quench their thirst of the flesh, to dehumanize children to sexual acts is truly unacceptable. And how does my Church solve the problem? They turn a blind eye, ignore the issue and hide the culprit.

My eyes are open and no longer will I be part of a Church that takes advantage of their devotees. My eyes have seen that the true vampires of society cloak themselves in light but hide in the shadows of darkness, a true epitome of a wolf in sheep’s skin.

Today young minds are ever so curios and I am one of those. I have to step out of the circle to see its shape. Today I have drifted from being a pious and religious person to a more spiritual and conscious individual. The world is changing and the religion that once built a civilization will be one reason for civilization to crumble. Today the ancestor of modern religion which springs from Paganism base on Spirituality is having a rebirth. Modern religion will always resist, just like all entity it will fight for its existence but there will be no denying that spirituality will conquer religion in the end. I pray for one belief and faith, a RELIGION which grows with and for SPIRITUALITY.

At the end I hope that we do not sit idle and being complacent with society. We need to learn to be curious because what is the worth of our existence if we do not ask WHY?

Think and ponder for it helps one to grow.