Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birds of Prey; A Book Review

My current read is a delectable novel for it is so thrilling and full of adventure that it will make you shout AARRGGGHHH!!!

Yes my current read is based on the lives of seamen and pirates “Birds of Prey” another well written novel by Wilbur Smith will sweep everyone away in its pages with the large masts of an English naval ship to discover war, love, adventure, deceit, of strange land and of course the rich hidden bounty.

Follow young Hal who has to captain a ship after his father Sir Francis Courtney has been deceitfully executed by the Dutch East India Company. Find out why this deceit is inevitable and take the journey with young Hal with his noble men who have been suspected as sea rats and pirates. The quest will take readers from the depth of the sea, to the African continent where slavery and wealth contrast each other. Pages will drift you as you sail to discover strange lands and animals, discover love and jealousy, murderous villains, and holy relics all rolled up in this book. Truly a quest anyone should not hesitate to go on board.

Wilbur Smith would have to be one of my favourite authors because he puts so much passion in his books. There is no doubt that this novel is well researched aside from being well written. The whole book has its own callous character of a sea farer and treacherous as a sea-rat.

This is no doubt a five out of five!

I end this book review with these few words from the villainous Cumbrae:

“Smartly done, you canty bunch of sea-rats. The easiest fifty guineas you’ll ever put in your purses. Give yerselves a cheer, and cook a snook at the devil.”