Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Book Review: A Game of Thrones

This current book of mine sprang out of curiosity. The "Game of Thrones" is one of HBO's series and yes like a lot of novels these days it ended up in our telly screens. I honestly wasnt bothered about it until I saw the book and thought it be a nice treat for me somehow to indulge myself in a novel where heads roll....and roll they did!!

This would be my second novel saga and the first book (of four), my first was "Chronicles of Narnia".  "A Game Of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin is a good escape into a land where seasons last for years, summers are long and vibrant full of life but deathly winter is bitterly cold and so much more. The first book takes readers into the seven kingdoms, seven houses and King Robert of the House Baratheon rules the seven kingdoms. With King Robert is his trusted friend Lord Eddard Stark of the House of Winterfell. These two men starts book one in a kaleidoscope of stories filled with honour, deceit, loyalty, betrayal, of exile, of dragons and direwolves, of adventure and war, of Imps and of the "Others".

What I love about this novel is the suspense that the author slowly builds up making sure that readers will hang onto the pages as it unfolds chapter after chapter. Good twists are not to be missed as well and more than that heads roll. Im not a big fan of sagas but this one is worth the read. You ask why? Book one itself has proven that it has everything that any reader wants, there is adventure, there is suspense, mysticism, love story as well. I believe this series is the saga for adults, if kids have Chronicles of Narnis, teens have Twilight, there is no doubting that Game of Thrones is meant to be read by adults.

I give this first book, A Game of Thrones a four out of five stars.

Onto book two!

Till my next read.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: Moonsoon

Move over “Pirates of the Caribbean” for my current read simply thrashes Captain Jack Sparrow in complete oblivion and beyond!
“Monsoon” another Wilbur Smith master piece is one novel that will put readers at your wits end with sea farers and pirates, lost lands of Africa and savages, sword fights and hunting all rolled up in a novel that I now consider as booty! AARRGGHHH!!!  Wilbur Smith is a champion writer when it comes to adventure reads and he never disappoints.
“Monsoon” is about the lives of four English brothers who have been separated by the sea. These four brothers who love and hate each other brought themselves to part ways embarking on a life journey filled with superb adventures thrusting themselves into gruelling peril and the reward of conquest.

 Amidst their adventures these blood brothers could not escape the Monsoon winds which takes all of their separated paths into one basin stirring it all up for all readers to marvel and chaste every page. Another page turner indeed as Wilbur Smith books are.
Every time I find a Wilbur Smith book I cling onto it like a monkey clings to a banana tree. This is my third Wilbur Smith novel and as always everything in the book is superb. The best thing about his novels is the “aura” it brings to readers that only a few authors today are gifted of. He writes with so much passion and dedication plus the enormous research he makes himself simply to write a novel of epic proportion. He makes sure that when his readers read his work readers like me seem to time travel with the pages. It doesn’t sound superfluous to me I can assure you that wait till you grab one of his novels and no doubting you too will be in for a ride and when the end is near you end up asking for MORE MORE MORE!
For this novel I give praise for Wilbur Smith for the details he has written regarding the Ottoman Empire and especially the slave trade during those days.

For one author who writes with a gift of transcendence I give this novel....for the first time.
A SIX out of Five Stars!
No one writes adventure books like Wilbur Smith.
Till my next read,

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Book Review: Falling Angels

My current read "Falling Angels" another Tracy Chevalier novel is like its title no doubting on it. The novel kept on falling and falling like Angels who had their wings clipped.

A brief view of the plot of the novel. It is based on two families separated with their views with society. How do two families meet when one is a conservative Victorian and the other a modern Edwardian? It is suppose to chronicle their lives but it simply just fell fell fell out of grace.

The novel was a disappointment for me because I already realized that Tracy Chevalier writes in a slow pace. She wants vivid backdrops to her characters like "A Girl With A Pearl Earring" and after introducing her characters then she simply drops the conflict(s) in the story which gets you glued in but the disappointment for this story is very bad because the conflicts/twists are there but it seems like the author got tired of writing and just left it in oblivion. I hated it!

The only good thing in it is this quote:

"I have spent my life waiting for something to happen, she said. And I come to understand that nothing will. Or it already has and I blinked during that moment and it's gone. I don't know which is worse- to have missed it or to know there is nothing to miss."

Gertrude Waterhouse

I give this book an unsavoury 2 stars out of five.

Onto the next book.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: Girl With A Pearl Earring

Girl With A Pearl Earring.

It was only then a masterpiece of Johannes Vermeer but it became more when author Tracy Chevalier brought more life to the wide blue eyed Dutch girl who wore a simple pearl earring that defined her.

How many of us have stared into a portrait or a painting and wondered what stories lie behind it. We all put different stories of our own on how a particular painting was made but the story that Tracy Chevalier weaved into the painting of "Girl With A Pearl Earring" was simply a story worth reading.

Griet was but a common maid in the house of a popular painter Johannes Vermeer until she ended up in his painting. So we ask how come a common maid ended up in a master piece? Then the story begins.

Even if the story starts in a slow pace as soon as you get into the core of the story it immediately sweeps you away and gets you glued into its pages. Tracy Chevalier as well writes with subtle eroticism and wit:

"He draped his robe gently over my head so it blocked out all light. It was still warm from him, and smelled of the way brick feels when it has been baked by the sun. I placed my hands on the table to steady myself and closed my eyes for a moment. I felt as I had drunk my evening beer too quickly"

The novel is an easy read which is a plus as well.

As for the film? It so bad it doesnt give the novel any justice at all.

I give this book a three and half stars out of five.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Review: Wicked

It has been quite a long time....well a very long time since I have written a book review. Seems like ages. I have been very busy and sadly I took a short break from reading because there are things that need more attention.

Anyway so much for that here I am again in my first book review of the year. Hehehe. Took a while but at least Im back.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

Vicious! Vicious! Vicious!

Is that how we all can define the infamous wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz? Truly there is is no other way we can call her after every nasty thing she has done especially to sweet Dorothy? She is not only wicked to our eyes but also vicious!

But is she really?

This would not be the first time that I have read the book it was Feb 2008 when I first read it but then again I forgot the whole story after three years though I still know the core. So I decided to read it again and what a story it is I must say. I was captivated then and still is.

So what is in the story and why is it so captivating anyway? As we always say there are two sides to A Story and Gregory Maguire certainly written the side of the story of the Wicked Witch of the West or Elphalba.

She hated herself in a lot of ways, if you were born green wouldn't you? Still she coped with what she had and did her best to excel in everything she does though at times she fails but never gave up. She has wrapped herself in a facade of being wicked to hide away her pains but in reality she only longs to be appreciated and loved which at the end drove her to her painful death.

I think this story strikes a chord to many among us because all of us only need appreciation and love in life. She was simply misunderstood by many but she simply never lied to herself. Behind the wickedness was a gentle green person hoping that someday she too can experience LIFE.

It is a beautiful story which gives a new light to the Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road will never be the same again once you have read this story because in reality there are two sides of a story.

I give this book a five out of five stars!