Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Book Review: Moonsoon

Move over “Pirates of the Caribbean” for my current read simply thrashes Captain Jack Sparrow in complete oblivion and beyond!
“Monsoon” another Wilbur Smith master piece is one novel that will put readers at your wits end with sea farers and pirates, lost lands of Africa and savages, sword fights and hunting all rolled up in a novel that I now consider as booty! AARRGGHHH!!!  Wilbur Smith is a champion writer when it comes to adventure reads and he never disappoints.
“Monsoon” is about the lives of four English brothers who have been separated by the sea. These four brothers who love and hate each other brought themselves to part ways embarking on a life journey filled with superb adventures thrusting themselves into gruelling peril and the reward of conquest.

 Amidst their adventures these blood brothers could not escape the Monsoon winds which takes all of their separated paths into one basin stirring it all up for all readers to marvel and chaste every page. Another page turner indeed as Wilbur Smith books are.
Every time I find a Wilbur Smith book I cling onto it like a monkey clings to a banana tree. This is my third Wilbur Smith novel and as always everything in the book is superb. The best thing about his novels is the “aura” it brings to readers that only a few authors today are gifted of. He writes with so much passion and dedication plus the enormous research he makes himself simply to write a novel of epic proportion. He makes sure that when his readers read his work readers like me seem to time travel with the pages. It doesn’t sound superfluous to me I can assure you that wait till you grab one of his novels and no doubting you too will be in for a ride and when the end is near you end up asking for MORE MORE MORE!
For this novel I give praise for Wilbur Smith for the details he has written regarding the Ottoman Empire and especially the slave trade during those days.

For one author who writes with a gift of transcendence I give this novel....for the first time.
A SIX out of Five Stars!
No one writes adventure books like Wilbur Smith.
Till my next read,