Saturday, June 30, 2012

What's Inside A Book Lover Bag?

I must admit that I rely on youtube these days for my daily fix of sensible television if you can call youtube the modern television. I am aware as well of the world of video blogging and quite fascinated with it too but absolutely not for me as I am not keen to having my identity exposed for the whole world to be deciphered and perhaps scrutinized by mere strangers.

One of the things that video bloggers love to do is to show “what’s inside my bag?”. I have thought about this “segment” in my blog whether I should write about it or not. I thought why not? It would be something different and also fun to write aside from writing book reviews.

So without further ado I give to you the segment:

“What’s inside a book lover bag?”

I love easy no fuss bags and satchel bags are one of my favourite types aside from the tote bags because they are very flexible and useful too. So what is inside my satchel bag? Counter clockwise:
  • Soduko. Another past time of mine just in case I need a break from reading. Very cheap and easy to get in any bookstore.
  • Notebook/notepad. My to do lists.
  • Handkerchief/scarf
  • Cellphone
  • Book. Of course a book lover bag can never be complete without it. Right now I am into Austen classics.
  • Pen
  • Fan since living in the tropics can get very hot & humid
  • MP3player
  • Wallet

So this is what is inside a book lover bag, well my bag. I do try to edit on what I bring or put into my bag. ESSENTIALS is the key word.

Who said book lovers cant be chic as well?


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