Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Game Of Thrones - Book Two & Three - Book Review

This book review that I am writing is way overdue but better late than never. Like most of you I have been drawn to the HBO series “A Game Of Thrones” and yes I quite enjoy it that it got me started with reading the books as well. Click on the link below for my book review for the first book :

The Second book “A Clash of Kings” is full of twist and turns readers will always end up for a surprise. The second season for the “Game of Thrones” has been out already and the book is much better considering imaginations are better than the sets they made for the series. My favourite character for book two would have to be Daenery for everything and everyone is against her but she still battles on for her right to the Iron Throne. I think she feels herself lucky considering she bore the dragons. Other Kings from north to south, east and west are battling each other not realising that their worst enemy from the land of Westeros is raising her children who can breathe fire ready to fight a battle which will eventually burn everything and everyone. I give Book Two – a five out of five stars!

The Third book “A Storm of Swords” left me quite disappointed, which is my personal opinion. There are still interesting and unexpected twists but I felt that the author George R.R. Martin got tired with what to add into the middle of the book and just .... “blabber” so to speak. It got tedious to a certain extent but then I have to push myself to finish the book as there is no point not finishing the third book considering I already read the other two books which were a good read! Still the end of book three will leave readers A SHOCK!!! I give book three a three out of five stars.

Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.



Charles Ravndal said...

I've been meaning to read the series, but I think the genre is not really for me. I started reading the first book and I didn't make it past first chapter.

My two brother-in-laws were so engrossed with the series that's why I wanted to check it to.

Mykee said...

I do agree that this Book Series is not to everyone's taste. I am not a big fan of series myself -- This is my second "book series" my first is "The Chronicles of Narnia". Which I have to write a book review about.

Thanks for the comment Charles :)

Charles Ravndal said...

I haven't read the Chronicles of Narnia yet. What are your favourite book genres? Mine are urban fantasy, chicklit, YA and paranormal.

If you enjoy chicklits, I would like to recommend the Enchanted Inc. series by Shana Swendson. :)

Btw, I'm also writing a book under YA/fantasy genre :)

Mykee said...

Hi Charles. Thanks for the follow up comment. I think I have evolved as a reader, perhaps that comes with maturity as well. When I was 24 (5 years ago) I was into a lot of chic lit too- Eat, Pray, Love -- Confessions of a Shopaholic -- Chasing Harry Winston even Wicked! But when I flipped pages and got into "meaty" fiction books I indulged myself into it. For now I am very drawn to historical fictions. Actually I am reading another Ken Follet book -- "Fall of the Giants". This is a very detailed/historical base and heavy book to read not for everybody but I am enjoying it!

I would love to read your manuscript sometime :)

Charles Ravndal said...

I haven't read Eat, Pray and Love or even the Shopaholic series. I have these books in my iBook, but right now I'm reading mostly urban fantasy books.

Btw, you can read the first three chapters of my book in my site: