Sunday, July 1, 2012

Value of Classical Literature

Many of us when we enter a bookshop the first thing that welcomes us are the best sellers of the month. Like you, I too would have a good look at some of them preferably on the fiction genre. I would grab a particular book and read its synopsis. Some of them to be honest with you.....well what can I say.....I couldn’t comprehend on why they end up on the “Best Sellers” list. Actually I really do not believe in the term. It is more like the “Band wagon” list.

I have no qualms about it but some of the books these days are a little bit shallow and mediocre, for me anyway, some books today lack meat in them. Anyone can write and have their work publish even a blonde Hollywood starlet can write and be an author. It has become too commercialised.

So a few of us go to thrift books shops which is my preference compared to the pretty, sanitised commercialised book stores. What I love about these book thrift shops aside from value for money is that the books you are buying have its own history already. Someone has read it which makes it valuable, plus it is a very good way to recycle too. I barely buy new books these days unless it is a MUST READ. Actually most of my owned books are second hand and I am very proud that they are. Gives them character!

What got me thinking about this topic is because for a long time that I have spent in bookstores thrift or not I always had ignored Jane Austen. I do understand the value of good classic authors but sometimes they can get very tedious and if you have to re wire your brain (so to speak) if you read something written by Jane Austen because the manner of writing then is absolutely different from today. I was up for a challenge as I ran out of a good book to read and “Pride and Prejudice” was lounging in my bookshelf for a quite some time and so I decided to read it. In fact I got this copy from a book thrift shop. I have to be honest I wanted to read it because I wanted to know who is this infamous Mr. Darcy which later on I was properly introduced and yes he does have a lot of pride.

This blog would be my prequel to my review for “Pride and Prejudice”. Reading classic literature makes me realise how and why these classical books and authors lasted for years and generations. This would not be my first classic book but I can always compare the works of authors then and now. There is no doubting that writing then was a profound type of art form. The only books that were published at that time were the ones that triggered human emotions and intellect and sadly today these books are a challenge to find.

I also find it a previledge to read classic literature as one must consider even Kings and Queens then and now have been drawn to read these literary masterpeice.

So I am on a book journey now on good literary classics starting with Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”. Do await my book review for it.

Please read this interesting insight of Mr. Darcy and a brief look of author Ms. Jane Austen as well.

What Mr. Darcy's really thinking....


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