Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hasty Death - A Book Review


That would be the perfect description of my current read "Hasty Death" by M.C. Beaton. This is book two of Ms. Beaton's Edwardian Murder Mystery and it is pure delight! Book Review for Book One -- Snobbery with Violence

My last read was no doubting one heavy read and after such a read, yes I do prefer to always dissect something light and entertaining and this book doesn't disappoint even if it is a light read.

On "Hasty Death" or feisty heroine Lady Rose Summer got bored with everything trivial that the aristocracy brings. She then decides that it would be a challenge for her character to be one of the working class, and she thought she can manage as a typist with her ever loyal maid Daisy. Being one of the working class really didn't suit her until a murder of Mr. Pomfret who has tight connections with society brought her back to work yet again as a detective with Captain Harry Cathcart. A scrumptious blackmail plot is all it needs to keep you turning pages with this witty book!

Another five out of five stars!

I end this book review with my favourite quote from the book.

"Two weeks had passed since the return from Farthings, and Rose felt she had entered again into a type of luxurious convent. Once more she has to change at least six times a day and make calls with her mother or various ladies society. She had to remember all the trivial things not to do, such as never opening the door herself, never looking around when she sat down- one had to assume a footman would be there to place the chair- and never to sit down on a chair still warm from a gentleman's bottom"


Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.


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Charles Ravndal said...

I love a good mystery book with a sprinkle of humour! I'm adding this to my book list :)