Friday, August 3, 2012

Tom Ford; Creative Mind

As a lot of us know Tom Ford made headlines when he made Gucci the "IT" brand. He is the "IT" designer. After that he later made his own luxury brand "Tom Ford" and it is no doubting know what luxury is. I only thought Tom Ford as a luxury designer until I saw this special on his Bio. He is more than a "IT" designer now.

I am putting this clip as one little diversion from book reviews for now. This is a very interesting watch as well. A lot can be learned from Tom Ford. You need to watch to know how this man defines ---- Style.



"We (fashion world) promote materialism which really doesn't bring happiness in the world. We do live in a material world, velvet feels good so there is an enjoyment to be gained in the material world.  but you have to put it into perspective because really it is nothing because we do not own anything in this world. For it really doesn't have any lack of  value and the important things in life are your connection with other people".

Tom Ford:


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Charles Ravndal said...

I find Tom Ford to be quite hot! Lol