Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mornings in Jenin; A Book Review

It has been a week now and still when I turn on a news channel there are still terrorising clips with the current Gaza conflict. The worse I have seen was a photo of Palestinian men on motorbikes dragging an assumed dead body of a fellow Palestinian suspected of being a spy for the Israelites. Morbid. Deadly. Barbaric. Sad. Heart wrenching. These are only a few words that can describe the book “Mornings in Jenin” by Susan Abulhawa.

How does one survive a land filled with death and fear all around you? How can one wake up every day and face the reality of the possibility of losing your family and of losing your own life? One must have courage and a lot of hope.

Once upon a time the Abulheja family woke to summers filled with eagerness of the olive harvest. There was celebration filled with laughter and joy and in an instant the Israelites decided to change all of that. A people (Israelites) who were hardened by the holocaust they ended up claiming Palestine as their home and country. Claiming it in an atrocious way. Mothers and Fathers wailed as their sons and daughters get massacred before their very eyes. Sons turned terrorists. Daughters raped. How can a family like the Abulheja survive? They did for they must.

Amal, one Palestinian daughter reshaped her future but not forgetting her past. She will define the face of the Palestinian woman scared but beautiful. This is her story and the story of her beloved family.

This book will give readers a window to how a simple Palestinian family struggled with life in the face of terror and how it changed all their lives for the better and for the worse. Reading this novel gave me a better understanding to the unending brutal battle between the Israelites and the Palestinians.

I give this novel a four out of five stars.

N.B. The view of the blogger regarding this delicate matter is subjective.

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