Friday, August 10, 2012

Fall of Giants; A Book Review

Hello Bookies!

After a month of reading I am now ready to reveal my current book review and this is one magnanimous read is the first book of a trilogy authored by one of the best authors of the 21st century Ken Follet.

Fall of Giants.

The start of 20th century and everything is rapidly changing. Changes that can draw evolution and changes that can draw destruction. "Fall of Giants" starts at the start of World War I with characters drawn from a conservative Earl of England and his liaison with his estate maid, his strong willed sister fighting for women's rights, to rugged Russian brothers who want to change their fate and a liberal German officer who will do anything for love. The war has changed their lives dramatically, the war has drawn their fate, can they bend with all of these changes or will they loose faith?

Only one author can face a challenge to write a trilogy base on (20th century) history and we readers can only trust one author who can surpass his last work and I give all praises to this author, Ken Follet. Book one "Fall of Giants" is filled not only with historical facts but it is filled with intrigue, suspense, twists and yes even of romance.

Now a word of caution. This is a heavy read but it doesn't mean that readers should be intimidated by it, readers just need to be ready for it. I started reading it about four months ago but I have to put it down because I need to know more "outside source" with regards to European history. Prior to re-reading this book I read a few historical base novels and watched tons of period dramas so for the second time around I submerged myself into reading this novel and I honestly savoured and enjoyed it much.

I highly recommend this book for everybody especially for readers who enjoy historical fiction.

A Five out of five stars --- as expected from Ken Follet.  

Enjoy the indulgence of reading a book for not a lot us now have the luxury to do so.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Devotion; Yoga

Hi Bookies :)

I am about to finish my current read but before I do and write my book review for it I want to share something personal about my life.


I have been doing Yoga for almost eight years now. I started practicing it out of curiosity and simply because I want to indulge myself into an "exercise" that doesnt involve lifting weights and so I introduced myself into Yoga. Introduce myself means I am self taught. I read and bought a Yoga video and from there my Yoga devotion started. It is not easy to start it without a teacher or as they are known these days as "gurus".

At first it was simply a weekly "exercise" which involves a lot of asanas and stretching but as the years transcend I also transcend deeper into the practice. Since it has always been my life's dream to grow as a person Yoga helped me to evolve. Before it was only a weekly exercise now it is a spiritual devotion.

I really do not want to go hippy with this blog, I just want to share my thoughts about Yoga. At present it is considered "in" if someone practices Yoga. I honestly feel sad when anyone only practices Yoga for bandwagon sake. Yoga is a 3000 year old practice which aims for us to grow inside out. Buddha practiced Yoga to help him reach Nirvana. Today Yoga is mostly used or practiced for the sake of pop culture and commercialism.

Yoga is not and will never be limited within a Yoga mat. True Yoga happens when you take your devotion into real life. True Yoga encourages the student to eliminate ones ego, to be grounded, to be content, and to savour life. Yoga encourages the student to practice and evolve but it doesnt encourages perfection.

In connection to reading I must admit that I wont know anything about Yoga if I have not read about it. With reading I am growing and evolving as a person just like Yoga.